The next Soirée will be on Saturday 24th August 2024

Tickets Now Available

Many people will be glad to hear this, as I have been asked many times when tickets will be available for the 2023 Soirée. It is a pleasure to announce that tickets are now available for this highly anticipated community live music event!

The Soirée continues to deliver a diverse range of live music styles and genres. Returning from the 2022 event we have Aliya Grace with some new original songs. New group Amaidí brings traditional Irish tunes with an Australian twist. Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay's music has been likened to that of a good Scotch whisky. The Aristocats bring a modern fusion with slick piano licks, groovy bass lines and tasty drum fills. We will be taken to the imaginary country of Diaspora with folk tunes by Robert Bloodwood. And finally, Monique Clare wields a cello and strikingly crafted vocals.

Our friends at local artisan collective The Gap Creative will be showing artworks by their very talented artists in the art gallery. If you have visited any of their other exhibitions around our community, you will know the very high calibre of our local artists. These artworks will also be available for purchase if you would like to take some home.

Set aside the evening of Saturday 16th September, grab your friends and family, secure some tickets and come along to enjoy some fabulous music, fantastic artwork, wine, food and terrific company.

See you at the Soirée!

This article was updated on July 6, 2023