The band's name, "Amaidí," means "nonsense" in Irish Gaelic, reflecting the band's playful, yet respectful approach to their music. They draw inspiration from the rich history of Irish music and infuse it with contemporary elements to create a unique sound that appeals to both traditional and modern audiences.

The band's four members, all from different parts of Australia, bring their own diverse backgrounds and influences to the group. With traditional instruments such as the fiddle, bodhrán, accordion, bouzouki, as well as guitar, the band's sound is a blend of old and new.

In live performances, the band is known for its energetic stage presence and engaging audiences. They have performed at various traditional Irish music festivals and venues throughout Australia, and have a growing fan base among both traditional music lovers and fans of new and innovative sounds.

They are planning on recording their debut album in 2023 and hope to release it in the near future.

Amaidí continues to push the boundaries of traditional Irish music and is a band to watch in the future.

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This article was updated on May 20, 2023