Obi Sun

OBISUN isn't just a band; it's a family affair. Comprising a mother, father, and son trio, OBISUN brings a unique dynamic to the stage that is as harmonious as it is electrifying. With a blend of World Beat, ska, roots, and tribal influences, their music is a celebration of unity and rhythm that transcends boundaries.

Their accolades speak volumes about their talent and charisma. Finalists on Australia's Got Talent, winners of the Australian Busking Championships, champions of the Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Competition, and victors of the 2022 Woodford Folk Festival Talent Quest, OBISUN's journey is marked by success and recognition. Headlining prestigious events like the Wintermoon Festival in 2024 is just another milestone in their illustrious career.

At the forefront is ObiSun, a multi-talented force of nature who commands the stage with his prowess on piano/keys, vocals, percussion, harmonica, and songwriting. His performances are not just musical but also theatrical, featuring acrobatics and wild dance routines that captivate audiences. Minks brings her versatile skills to the mix, handling bass, vocals, guitar, percussion, flute, drums, and dance with equal finesse. Daddio, the patriarch of the band, holds down the rhythm on the drum kit while also contributing vocals, didgeridoo, and guitar. Together, they form a musically telepathic bond honed over years of playing together since Obi was in nappies.

OBISUN's music is more than just entertainment; it's a beacon of positivity and inspiration. Their infectious energy and uplifting vibes get crowds dancing, fostering a sense of community and joy wherever they go. Through their music, they aim to inspire other families to keep the spirit of togetherness alive while encouraging people worldwide to pursue their dreams and passions, spreading beauty and positivity in the world.

As they gear up to release their fifth album, OBISUN is poised to continue their musical journey, headlining festivals and events across Australia in 2024. Their live shows are legendary for their electric atmosphere, organic connection with the audience, and contagious joy that leaves everyone wanting more.

OBISUN isn't just a band; it's a movement—a celebration of family, music, and the universal language of rhythm that brings people together in harmony and dance.

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This article was updated on June 19, 2024